Do Androids Blog & Dream of Comic-Con? Affirmative!

Posted: Monday - August 17, 2009

Welcome to the Rockin' Android blog!

Hey, we're very sorry everyone that it's taken so long to start up our blog section, but now we're finally here and we're glad you've stopped by. To tell you the truth, the Rockin' Android crew had been pretty much preoccupied with all the preplanning, logistics and follow-through work that comes from doing a company booth at the summer conventions, having just gone through two of the biggest ones around—Anime Expo in Los Angeles and Comic-Con International in beautiful San Diego. And squeezed in between those two conventions, we threw a video game launch party at a local jazz bar for our flagship title, "SUGURI Perfect Edition." July was certainly a whirlwind month of activity, but it was also the most memorable.

We survived Comic-Con International!

This was Rockin' Android's first company appearance at the always-popular Comic-Con International, which celebrated its 40th anniversary. The best aspect of Comic-Con International is that, contrary to its name, it's a 4 1/2 day convention that brings together the broadest range of pop art and pop culture genres, including comic books/manga , anime, sci-fi, fantasy, Asian cinema, cosplay, Hollywood's hottest TV & movie series, card games, videogaming, etc. But you already knew that, right? Of course. As an attendee, it's a total blast to go to Comic-Con. As an exhibitor, it's fun for us too, but there's also a lot of work involved (such as getting to the exhibit hall docking area around 6 a.m. to unload our equipment and properly setting up and stocking our booth before the doors open at 9:30 a.m.).

Won't be too long before it becomes INSANELY crowded outside the San Diego Convention Center, as people start lining up. Those of you who've gone to Comic-Con before know exactly what we're talking about.

Well, it's been a little over 2 1/2 weeks and 140,000 attendees later since Comic-Con 2009 came and went, but all of us here are still stoked and elated from the convention. We were able to successfully unveil and promote "SUGURI Perfect Edition," as well as meet so many cool and friendly people that stopped by to try out the games. Thanks so much to all of you who visited the RA booth and triple thanks to those of you who purchased "SUGURI Perfect Edition." Whether it was the initial game "SUGURI" or the challenging sequel, "Acceleration of SUGURI" that first attracted your attention, we hope you're now enjoying the games as much as we had releasing them here in the U.S.

RA staffer Mike (the guy in the middle wearing the baseball cap) gives gameplay instructions to some Comic-Con playas.

Great outfit...even greater skills handling the control pads with those big Hellboy-like hands!

A young gamer plays SUGURI at one of the gaming kiosks set up at the RA booth.

Another young gamer steps up to play Acceleration of SUGURI against RA staffer Courtney

It's on, hit me with your best shot!

RA staffer Courtney poses with victorious youngster. Good job there, buddy!

This young fella had fun playing Acceleration of SUGURI. And having fun at Comic-Con is what it's all about!

As Sunday evening arrived, we departed the San Diego Convention Center weary and groggy. We got back to Los Angeles around 2 a.m. and decided to unload everything out of the van the next day, as everyone was toast. The next day, as we moved all the heavy boxes back into our storage units, Comic-Con was still fresh in our minds. We particularly felt inspired and recharged by the support and positive feedback we got from many con goers. Thanks again!

Finally, we'd like to give a big shout out to two of the most enthusiastic and outgoing attendees that we ever met this year at Comic-Con. Yeah, we're talking about you, Kristina "SuShi" Phonephaly and your partner in crime, Kimberly "Princess of Darkness" Contreras. Not only did the two of you uncannily master the "Acceleration of SUGURI" videogame in record time, going on to beat virtually every challenger we could lure and place in front of you, but you two were also a tremendous help at the RA booth. You gals ROCK! And thanks for letting our company president and chief android, Enrique, save face and win at least one "Acceleration of SUGURI" battle. It was pretty obvious that he was getting pwned, but you both were compassionate enough to let him eek out a pity victory. Next year at Comic-Con, Enrique will be looking for a rematch against you two! And to everyone else, thanks again for reading this blog. Hope you'll check back again soon. Be well and be rockin'!