Angel Express - Vote on Greenlight!

Posted: Thursday - October 29, 2015

Rockin' Android, Angel Express on Greenlight

VOTE for Angel Express!

The wait is finally over, it’s time to once again cast your vote and be heard! We’re proud to announce the fast paced 2.5D action-platformer, Angel Express, is now on Greenlight! Head on over to our Greenlight page to check out video and screenshots of the game. If you like what you see, then by all means support us by voting.

“Angel Express is an exciting blend of platformer and racing from famed Japanese developer, Easy Game Station.” says executive producer Enrique Galvez. “EGS has taken the genre to new heights of mayhem by adding a 4-player option as well as a level creator.”

Rockin’ Android has been discussing new additions to Angel Express with EGS, and with your help, we look forward to making the Steam release the definitive version of Angel Express.

As always thanks for your support.

VOTE for Angel Express!