Anime Expo 2013

Posted: Friday - July 12, 2013

Hi everyone, The Rockin' team would like to thank all the fans for dropping by our booth and making this years Anime Expo the best yet! Judging by your feedback, we must be doing something right. We always welcome your comments at the cons and social media. We take your feedback very seriously.

For those who couldn't make it, we had on display our newest shoot-'em-ups, Diadra Empty and cloudphobia. The fans eagerly line-up to give the games a try.

Angel Express aka Tokkyu Tenshi We also demoed our next game, Angel Express aka. Tokkyu Tenshi. The demo was a huge hit with 4-players!! Yes, Angel Express is a 4-play adventure-racing game! Coming from the brilliant minds at Easy Game Station "EGS", the famed developers of Chantelise & Recettear, Angel Express is a fantastic game filled with twists and charming characters. Not happy to just localize a game into other languages, Rockin' Android and EGS will beef up the multi-player and level editor for the North American and European PC release.

Steam Summer Sale 2013 For those wanting to get out of the sun, what better way to spend the time indoors than dodging bullets while blowing everything up! The Steam summer sale is here! Starting today the Gundemonium Collection and the individual games, Recollection, GundeadliGne and Hitogata Happa are 50% off. The Steam Summer sale is for a limited time and ends on July, 22nd.
Steam Summer Sale (click here)

Finally, we appreciate all the support we've gotten on Steam's project Greenlight. The inner working of Greenlight remains a mystery to the indie community, so we thanks all the fans for all their wonderful support and keep hoping for the best. In the end we believe in our games and we know they deserve to be on Steam. With your support, we'll eventually see another Rockin' Android game for sale on Steam . Thanks again everyone! See you at Anime Expo 2013