Bunny Must Die! available now for digital download!

Posted: Sunday - October 7, 2012

Bunny Must Die! Chelsea and the 7 Devils, Available on Desura and Gamersgate Buy from Desura Buy from GamersGate
We are proud to announce that Bunny Must Die! Chelsea and the 7 Devils is now officially available for sale ($9.99 USD) on Desura and Gamersgate . Tell your friends, and go grab a copy!

Bunny Must Live!

Hello, everyone! Enrique Galvez, CEO of Rockin’ Android here. I thought I’d share some information on what’s been going on lately at Rockin’ Android.

This summer has been full of surprises, kicking off with the best Anime Expo we've had so far! Aside from having playable versions of Bunny Must Die! Chelsea and the 7 Devils , Diadra Empty, Cloudphobia and exclusive videos for Tokkyu Tenshi, Indie Royale launched their Summer bundle on the second day of the expo. That really added to the fan excitement at the boot. The bundle included several of Rockin' Android's most popular games, Acceleration of SUGURI X-Edition and the Gundemonium Collection.

After the success of the Summer bundle which moved over 18,000 units, we were invited to be a part of the Back to School bundle. This time we included the highly anticipated, Bunny Must Die! Chelsea and the 7 Devils, as an exclusive before the official release date of October 2nd. In addition, we included fan favorites QLIONE and Flying Red Barrel . The bundle ended on September 23rd, and we are proud to announce that Bunny Must Die! Chelsea and the 7 Devils is now officially available for sale ($9.99 USD) on Desura and Gamersgate . Tell your friends, and go grab a copy!

A lot of fans have wondered why we didn't releases Bunny Must Die! sooner. Initially part of the first batch of games we licensed, Bunny Must Die! was intended to be the company's first release. When we took a closer look online, we quickly realized that because there had been no officially licensed version, Bunny Must Die! ended up illegally on torrent sites with a fan-made English translation, which convinced many people the game was "free". While it became a cult favorite amongst those with a penchant for elaborate platformers, it has been very difficult to get the people who had previously downloaded the game to purchase the official licensed version.

With that in mind, we knew we had to add some extra spice for its official release. That delayed the BMD, making room for Suguri Perfect Edition to become our first release. Shortly after, we were co-producing six DLC titles for the PlayStation Network. This was time consuming and required all of our resources, but work on Bunny Must Die! continued alongside several other games. Aside from a professional English translation and the addition of French and German languages, we brought back composer Woofle from our Gundemonium Collection to put her spin on the soundtrack. Artist extraordinaire, Keiko Sakurai, also joined in.

After some inital feeback from game distributors we felt it needed one final tweak. To appeal to companies like Valve and Microsoft, which we would eventually submit the game to, we decided to have Keiko redraw the cat boss from scratch, including more frames of animation and various facial expressions. Before the fans yell sacrilege, it was always agreed with the original developer, Platine Dispositif, that there would be two modes in the game, “original” and “remix”. Remix has the new cat boss art and translated title screen graphic, while original mode is unchanged (except for the language selected). The Woofle remix is also optional. We want to increase the chances of more people playing Bunny Must Die! and keep the games integrity in check. We hope you enjoy our work.

Unfortunately for Bunny, she’s been cursed once again! In July, we delivered our submission to digital distribution giant, Steam, as they were implementing a new service, the Greenlight Project . Greenlight now online but still in its infancy and has some bugs to work out, allows the Steam community to vote on which games they would like to be sold on Steam Store. We haven't yet seen if that will really benefit indie games. So to help BMD get more exposure we are spending time and money marketing the game in pursuit of Greenlight approval, asking fans to vote and spread the word.

We thank our fans for their continued support and the many comments that we received on Greenlight. A lot of the fans are baffled as to why Steam would place Bunny Must Die! on Greenlight in the first place. As the fans have noted, we are not a new company with zero track record. Also, Steam has distributed three Rockin' Android games, and the PlayStation Store has released six of our games to great reviews. We sincerely hope that Steam realizes that Bunny Must Die! deserves a place on their service.

We also like to thank the media that supported Bunny Must Die! and our Indie Royale bundles to make them such a success. Special thanks to gaming sites Joystiq, Cheap Ass Gamer, Techgaming, 918 The Fan, Press Pause Radio, Angry Bananas and Population GO for running contests to promote Bunny Must Die!

Stay tuned, Rockin’ Androids!