Diadra Empty- Weapons Galore!

Posted: Monday - July 20, 2015

Diadra Empty, Weapon Combinations Video

Diadra Empty available July 21st 2015

Diadra Empty offers up six weapon types along with variants for each weapon allowing you to mix and match according to your playstyle. On top of this already robust selection is the ability to choose the shot type of your Options along with their formation. While there isn’t an overall “perfect” combination, you’re sure to find one that suits you best. Choose wisely, though, as you only get to make this decision at the start of your journey.

The first two weapons that are covered are variant types of Cloudcrack and Goldstrike. Variant types, in general, offer up a slight variation to the basic weapon that, depending on your playsatyle, might be better suited. Cloudcrack’s variant has a wide pattern spread which is great for taking out large groups of enemies while Goldstrike’s variant helps punch through small clusters.

Next up is Ghostflame’s Variant and Dragonscale teamed up with Options Move Type set to Guard and armed with Lidlesswall. While held down, the Ghostflame Variant spreads into a side V pattern which is great for clearing out groups of smaller enemies. The combination of Dragon Scale and Lidlesswall means you’ll be able to punch through just about anything you charge through, provided it’s not too heavily armored, with the added bonus of demolishing smaller shots as well.

If you want to go for a more offense oriented approach, then setting your Option’s Move Type to Guard might be the way to go. Backing them up with the combination of Goldstrike’s Variant and Dragonscale means you can maneuver around larger enemies while maintaining steady damage to them. While you won’t have the coverage that the Rolling Options offer, Dragonscale will help you dash out of tight situations.

With all these possible combinations everyone is sure to find one that works for them.