Diadra Empty Free Wallpaper

Posted: Friday - July 17, 2015

Rockin' Android, Diadra Empty Free Wallpaper

Diadra Empty available July 21st 2015

Diadra Empty has a sufficient amount of unknowns when it comes to the story’s background. We decided to explore that world and open it up, so fans could enjoy visuals that combined our vision with the lore.

We went through more than enough artists during this process and in the end doujin artist Yukari made the trip worth it. She captured the innocence and fighting spirit of the main characters, Nyalara (the girl), Minimi (the dragon) and enemies in her own style creating 5 uniquely themed designs; Determination, Encounter, Hail of Fire, Resolute and Dream. Using her artwork we designed wallpapers, free for download - enjoy.

Download Wallpaper here

Please visit Yukari’s Pixiv page for more artwork.