Doujin Games on the PS3

Posted: Monday - May 17, 2010

I must say, its pretty exciting to see things come to life. As a producer, a majority of my time spent trying to make that happen and to finally reach a point where Rockin' Android can release, in this case- doujin games to the PS3 is worth bragging about. The Gundemonium Collection represents the first three games, with more lined-up to be released on the PlayStation 3 platform. Don't worry we haven't forgotten about our loyal PC fans, we have a special version coming out you.

Many of you have asked does this mean you'll see a lot more indie developer games on the PSN network, unfortunately I cant officially say. But I can tell you Rockin' Android has future plans. It's a lot tougher with a fairly daunting amount of obstacles to overcome to get any game on a console platform. There's everything from the obvious programming issues, copyright concerns, to people in a test group asking what's "doujin"? While it gets easier with every game, each game has its own individual issues to deal with. The Gundemonium Collection has been a rewarding challenge and I look forward to offering 3 awesome hard as hell doujin shooters for your enjoyment on the Playstation Network.

*Jody Mahler