Get Involved in the Red Cross Japan Earthquake Fund

Posted: Saturday - March 26, 2011

Rest assured that our friends, family and colleagues from ClassiC, Orange_Juice, Shindenken, PlatineDispositif, TeamGrisGris, Marsbound, EasyGameStation, and Frozen Orb are all safe and in good health. Luckily, they were all far away from the fault, and only a few offices were affected. Tragically, many others were killed, injured, rendered homeless or still missing. Japan is a strong country, but they need any and all help.


The earthquake happened on March 11th, so we are donating 50% of every online PC DVD-ROM sale made from that day forth and we will extend it for another two weeks. The collection for funds will end on April 8th. All proceeds will then be directly earmarked towards the Red Cross Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Fund. We strongly believe that every bit helps. Please join us, along with the rest of the world, and help our neighbors who have given the world a beautiful culture, invaluable technological advancement, amazing entertainment, and so much more.


As an extra to get everyone involved, we have also taken 30% off PC DVD-ROM sales of both Gundemonium Collection and SUGURI Perfect Edition. If you bought one of those after the 11th, then you can feel good that 50% of the sale from that game will be used to help someone in need. If you already have our games, we have provided links on our homepage to help you get involved directly. Thank you for taking the time to read this. We hope and pray that Japan's recovery is the best possible.

Click here to donate directly to the Red Cross.