Have you heard the buzz?

Posted: Monday - May 17, 2010

Hello everyone it's Enrique Galvez CEO of Rockin' Android and avid gamer. Have you heard the buzz? SOE teams up with Rockin' Android announcement has generated strong response both here and abroad. Just in case you didn't catch it the first time. The revered Gundemonoum Collection is coming to your PS3 via the PlayStation Network. Not only will the games be available as a bundle, but also individually on the PlayStation Store in the following languages UK English, French, Italian, German, Spanish. We are all very excited and amazed at SOE's strategy for our games and PlayStation Network games in general. SOE has plenty of exciting surprises in store for PS3 owners. The Gundemonium Collection is just the beginning of an exciting line up from SOE and Rockin' Android. So yeah, we've been going out of our minds with excitement, too bad we can't tell you about our future plans with SOE, yet. We've all grown up with Sony product, weather it was a walkman (my personal favorite minidisc), TV sets or the life changing PlayStation. It's truly an honor for us to work with the fine people at SOE. We are the first publisher to stand up and place a lot of faith in Japanese indie/doujin games, so kampaii everyone!

*Enrique Galvez