Help Bunny Must Die! get on Steam!

Posted: Thursday - September 6, 2012

We love the support you’ve given us, and we want you to keep it coming, so we can bring you more great games. It is with that in mind that we are announcing the new Rockin’ Android Street Team! What do you get in return? A free game!... and the satisfaction of knowing you are helping us. If you’re ready to get started (knowing how awesome you guys are, you’re ready), then here’s your first task; we need to promote our Steam Greenlight page for Bunny Must Die! Chelsea & the 7 Devils (as seen here:

Simply place the below banner (HTML embed code) in a prominent place on your blog, site and keep it there for the next 4 weeks. It must display properly as an image. After you’ve done this, send Adam at amilecki (at) rockinandroid (dot) com a link to the banner.

Make sure the subject of the email is “BMD Street Team”. Make us proud, and we’ll be in touch after 4 week with a free game. As always, thank you for all your support. We truly appreciate it!

Here’s the code:

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