Interview with an Android: Rockin' it with Enrique Galvez

Posted: Monday - September 28, 2009

Enrique undergoes a Voight-Kampff test during Coin-Op TV Live episode 315. Okay, not really. (Photo courtesy of COTL)

Interview one:

For those of you who might've missed it, the cool folks at Coin-Op TV Live interviewed Enrique Galvez during their live video podcast last Thursday. EG chatted with the show's producer/host Rob Welkner about SUGURI Perfect Edition and answered chat room questions fielded by guest co-host Erin Darling. Watch that episode here.

Interview ni:

Angelica Alumia of Pacific Rim Video interviews EG during the SUGURI Perfect Edition launch party back in July. That was one fun, busy night, even though I didn't imbibe any alcoholic content myself. Look for Rockin' Android to host another videogame launch party in the very near future. Once things are finalized, we'll be sure to post an announcement in the news section.

Interview Tres

"Kanashimi" from 91.8 The Fan catches up with Enrique during a very busy Anime Expo 2009 to talk about Rockin' Android's future plans and upcoming game releases. Mucho thanks to 91.8 The Fan. They don't just report the news. They stalk it!

Thanx for viewing and have a rockin' week!

-Stephen T.

Android Addendum: Skateboarders' homage to old-school TETRIS game

This has nothing to do with Enrique's interviews, but since you've made it to the end of this blog, check out this creative group of skateboarders in San Francisco paying tribute to TETRIS. Having once been an avid skateboarder in my younger days (a lousy one at that) and also a fan of the classic "TETRIS" videogame, I got a big kick out of watching this yahoo! vid. These guys rock!