It's Time for a Mech Shoot-'em-up

Posted: Friday - April 5, 2013

cloudphobia is easy to pick up and get into. You’ve got two wildly different weapons to choose from: a rapid-fire laser ignition rifle, and a devastating vibroblade sword for those who like to get close to the action. We’ve got classic-shooter style mechanics: you dodge, graze enemy bullets for bonus points, etc. You’ll take out mid-bosses, hidden enemies, massive mech bosses, and do it all to a kick-ass drum and bass soundtrack.

Protect the Mothership Trailer

But there’s more! It can’t end there! Let me get you up to speed...

While engaging an experiment with their newest prototype, the “EAM-10P Englar”, an inconceivable sudden strike was launched upon us by Pilot “EG-04 Mist”. Now, under her control, our future is being jeopardized as she is deploying automatic combat aircraft in the surroundings to attack us. Their newest prototype was developed to have a very powerful beam strong enough to destroy us all. Somehow, we managed to evade a direct hit but have lost most of our arsenal. As the enemy is replenishing their energy and reconstructing their strategy for the second strike, only 3 minutes are left for us to take action.

Your mission is to use what is left and to destroy the prototype. Finding and getting your way to the target might be a difficult task with conventional arms, but since you will be equipped with a power “boost”, you should be able to complete this mission.

You know what that means: leave no enemy mech alive!

cloudphobia is coming soon to all the game download services. In the meantime, check out the Developer Interview and prepare yourself for battle!