In liquid space, no one can hear you scream "Qlione"!

Posted: Saturday - September 26, 2009

Apologies to Director Ridley Scott for bastardizing the well-known "Alien" movie tagline. It's just my attempt at being topical by slightly altering the tagline by working in a mention of Rockin' Android's recent release of the downloadable shooter game "Qlione"(pronounced Q-lee-oan-nay). If you haven't already done so, please check out the "Qlione" trailer on the Rockin' Android home page. Then head on over to either Direct2Drive or GamersGate to download the game. In short, this game is one funkytastic 2-D shooter where all the action takes place in a liquid celestial alternative reality, accompanied by a very catchy bass-thumping technobeat soundtrack. The music goes quite well with the magnificent graphics, so try this shooter with the volume turned up. And up. And up. So go on and check out that Q trailer. What if I said please? Pretty please? You can't see this, but I'm begging on my knees here.

Ahem. Some of you hardcore indie gamers may be well aware that "Qlione" was originally released in Japan as "Qualia." So why the name change? Well, for one thing, there's already an existing product line of high-end SONY electronic hardware and goods that go by that same brand name. Therefore, to steer clear of any confusion and any legal issues that could inevitably arise, the game title was renamed from "Qualia" to "Qlione" for the U.S. release. Aside from rechristening the name, everything else about the game itself remains fully intact.

When Rockin' Android first informed the Japanese game developer Shindenken (the creators of "Qualia") of the potential legal conflict, they were very understanding of the situation and chose to rename it as "Qlione." And now you know...

Aside from communicating with Shindenken, we're constantly in dialogue(usually by e-mail) with other game developers/creators such as Orange_Juice, Platine Dispositif, Team Gris Gris, etc. Sometimes, it's for matters such as getting final licensor approval on fliers, sellsheets and proposed online and print advertisements. Other times, we might be requesting additional artwork, synopses, or other supplements. (One minor note here: Whenever I say "we," I'm actually referring to Rockin Android's head kahuna honcho, Enrique Galvez, who really does every single correspondence with all the game companies in Japan. It's a wonder he's able to get other things done, as corresponding to Japan really is a time-consuming process. Maybe he really is part android.)

Despite a timezone difference of about 16 hours between Tokyo and Los Angeles (where Rockin' Android is based), the e-mail turnaround replies from Japan are normally prompt, except for this past week. That's due to the recent occurrence of the Silver Week holidays (which is not to be confused with the traditional Golden Week holidays every year in Japan) whereby companies and other businesses shut down operations to allow their employees/workers time to vacation or enjoy a well-deserved respite. Although Rockin' Android wasn't able to get ahold of some key personnel in Tokyo this past week (understandably so), we still had plenty of other stuff on our plate to stay busy, especially with the inaugural Rockin' Android audio podcast hosted by Adam Milecki and good ol' Enrique making an appearance on Coin-Op TV episode 315.

And if I may digress and backtrack a little, I mentioned in the beginning that I was trying to be topical by sort of incorporating the "Alien" movie tagline into the blog title. Sure, sure, I know "Alien" itself was a movie released 30 years(!) ago, but it's still timely today as a benchmark for science-fiction/horror cinema, since other recent releases such as "Dead Space" and the new SF survival horror movie Pandorum are greatly influenced by it.*

"Dead Space," MySpace, innerspace, Space Ace, gimme space,or even liquid space, space is the place to be. On the other hand, if space is not your thing, there's always the great blue yonder to explore next week with the downloadable release of Rockin' Android's Flying Red Barrel~Diary of a Little Aviator. Check out the previous blog post entry that contains a "Flying Red Barrel" trailer that Enrique edited and posted up on YouTube.

As always, thanx for reading, keep on gaming and stay rockin'!

-Stephen T.

*Android Addendum:

Actually, I prefer Director James Cameron's "Aliens" over Ridley Scott's "Alien" but I suppose there wouldn't have ever been a sequel back then if the first movie wasn't successful, so major props to "Alien" for starting it all. Out of all the "Alien" sequels and AVP spinoffs, the first two movies were simply the best.

"That's it man. Game over man, game over!!" -Private Hudson