I wanna get Slim literally, figuratively, and PLAYSTATIONally

Posted: Thursday - August 20, 2009

With the summer season gradually winding down next month, September signals the start of textbooks and classes, the fall TV line-up (I can't wait for the UFC's Ultimate Fighter Season 10: Heavyweights and Family Guy's spin-off vehicle, The Cleveland Show), baseball pennant races (go Dodgers), the inventive futuristic gameplay thriller "Gamer", the Tim Burton-produced 9, and of course, the debut of the PLAYSTATION®3 Slim.

Lean mean playin' machine

With a newly redesigned compact body, 120 gigabytes of hard disk space and the pricing reduced to $299.99 ($329.25 when you factor in California's 9.75% sales tax), it's an attractive incentive. I think I'm in love... which would probably make my current PS3 console jealous, if it were ever sentient.

"Hey, c'mon PS3, don't look at me like that. What? Waitaminute... who says I'm dumping you for PS3 Slim? Oh c'mon, don't be that way...it's not because you're fat. Wait, no...no... what I meant is that sure, you're a big-boned, 80 gig console, but I still love your classic look, shiny chassis and your touch-sensitive buttons. And look, we've been together for a long time. Remember those wild nights of Resident Evil, Grand Turismo, MGS, Street Fighter and WWE Raw Vs Smackdown? So whaddya say? You, me and Slim, the three of us. We could make beautiful ROCK BAND music together."

*Ahem* Um, sorry. Got carried away...

Anyhow, count me in for the PLAYSTATION®3 Slim. I can always use a second Blu-ray DVD player. Hopefully, SONY doesn't have any supply and demand issues, similar to what Nintendo had with the Wii console shortages. Heh, that sure brings back memories. Eons ago, I was standing in a ridiculously long conga line outside of a local Best Buy, hoping to nab the then long-awaited, highly coveted PS2 console (it was also retailing for $299.99 at the time). I really underestimated the frenzied demand for the debuting PS2, as the store had burned through its allocation in record time. Oh well, end of the flashback and back to the present.

Now it'll be intriguing to see how sales go for the PS3 Slim come September. Until then, I guess I'll be dreaming of:

(1) An alleged PS3 Slim with a—OMG!—250GB capacity, as mentioned here and elsewhere.

(2) Seeing some great Japanese indie games (such as, oh let's say Acceleration of SUGURI, GUNDEMONIUM Collection and DREADLOCK) making the eventual developmental transition from PC games to multi-platform games. With detailed planning executed, a professional qualified staff assembled, necessary funding raised, sufficient production time granted, and of course, the stars and space/time continuum being in perfect alignment, anything is possible.

(3) Naughty things, of course. Sorry ^^

Be well and be rockin' - Stephen