Enrique Galvez is The Most Interesting Man in the World... of Doujin Video Games

Posted: Saturday - August 29, 2009

He's championed Asian cinema long before it ever became the 'in' thing.

Hollywood directors and actors have deferred to his advice and knowledge on anime.

While driving down a Texas road, $1,000 in twenty dollar bills flew and scattered out of his van...he then recovered EVERY single bill.

Any STARBUCKS becomes his office meeting room.

Okay, alright, I'm feebly poking fun at my colleague Enrique, the founder of Rockin' Android, but all of those tidbits are essentially true and did occur. As TNA wrestler Kurt Angle might say, "Oh it's true, it's damn true."

To be sure, Enrique was frequently in demand during Anime Expo and Comic-Con International this past July, so my reasoning (hey, work with me here) is that this makes him the most interesting man in the world... the world of indie games, that is, especially when it comes to licensing doujin video games directly from Japan. While dutifully manning the company booth at both of those conventions, I saw several people pulling EG aside throughout the day to conduct TV, magazine, and internet blog interviews. Concurrently, video game industry folks were also stopping by to talk shop and set up meetings with him.

EG was tied up with interviews and meetings for almost the entire duration of Anime Expo. As such, I was left to do our company introductory panel on a Thursday evening by myself, which I didn't mind at all, but I sure could've used the vast gaming knowledge of our absent president as a lifeline to draw upon. Still, the panel turned out well overall and the AX attendees (you guys were great to chat with) were very receptive to seeing more indie games licensed and brought over to North America.

On the third day of Anime Expo, EG's itinerary was so packed that he even relented to his girlfriend's plea to let her help out at the company booth. As Enrique would tell me later, his girlfriend had never been to an anime convention, let alone dealt with video game fans, but she had enjoyed the experience on Saturday and was impressed with how outgoing, stylishly attired and open-minded anime and video game fans generally were. Hey, I could've easily told her that, but I guess it was better that she saw everything firsthand.

Anyhow, in keeping with this blog's subject line, below are some write-ups on Rockin' Android, based on interviews with Enrique. Wanna know even more about Rockin Android? Then check out the following:

Keep gaming, my friends.

- Stephen

Android Addendum #1:

As an aside, by no means am I or Rockin' Android advocating, inferring to or endorsing alcoholic consumption with the inclusion of the Dos Equis screenshot in this blog entry or by my shameless attempt to mimic their style of wording. As a matter of fact, I'd like to think that I'm "straight edge," exactly like the straight edge WWE superstar, CM Punk, except I don't have his height, strong physique, wicked tattoos/piercings, wrestling abilities or music preferences. Other than that, we have a lot *ahem* in common.

Android Addendum #2:

Sure, that Dos Equis guy does seem to be the most interesting man in the world, but Chuck Norris would beg to differ.