Rockin’ Android games are coming to Steam

Posted: Monday - August 29, 2011

Our first Steam release will be a doozy, the Gundemonium Collection will be available for download on Steam on September 27, 2011 for $9.99 USD. It will also be possible to purchase the games individually for $3.99 USD each. That’s not all. To further mark this momentous occasion, we’ve added some great new features, exclusive to the Steam release. They are as follows:

● Optional remixed and enhanced in-game soundtracks by DM Ashura (of Dance Dance Revolution fame) and talented up-and-coming artist, Woofle, are now included. The new soundtracks have the enthusiastic approval of the series’s creator, Murasame!

● We’ve upgraded GundeadliGne to include solid online cooperative-play support through Steam. Previous versions only supported local play, including the original Japanese release!

● Steam achievements will be included with all three games; for when you feel the need to achieve.

Stay tuned for more info!