We Love Our Fans

Posted: Wednesday - March 9, 2011

Do you feel loved? You should, because Rockin’ Android loves its fans! It’s because of you, and your support, that we can continue to bring you great Japanese indie games. It only makes sense that we would want your honest opinions, so we’re asking for them.

First of all, consider our current lineup of game releases. In what ways does it differ from the kind of games you’d like us to release? Second, what’s your preferred method of keeping track of us, Twitter, Facebook, our main site, or something else? Third, in what ways can we improve, and increase your interest in, our social networking sites, main site, podcast, etc.? Lastly, always feel free to suggest or comment on anything, because it’s only with your input that we can truly give you what you want.

This isn’t just a one-time thing. You can answer these questions now, later, and repeatedly. In other words, keep in touch with us. How can you keep track and in touch? There’s several methods.

  1. Browse around RockinAndroid.com, subscribe to our newsletter, and add our blog to your preferred feed reader (e.g. Google Reader).
  2. Follow our Twitter and message us.
  3. “Like” our new Facebook Page, post on our Wall, and start a Discussion. (We’re shutting down the Group in place of this new Page.)
  4. Subscribe to our Podcast. (We’re planning on revamping the podcast.)
  5. Subscribe to our YouTube and Vimeo.
  6. Add our Flickr (soon to be updated).
  7. Email Adam Milecki at AMilecki (at) RockinAndroid (dot) com. He’ll be happy to take your comments and questions, and pass them along as necessary!

Thank you for keeping the Rockin’ Android charged and ready to rock! You have taught androids to feel love!