Rockin' E3 2013

Posted: Friday - June 21, 2013

One of the perks of living in Los Angeles is having conventions like E3 in your backyard and of course the Rockin’ Android team has to attend such a grand gathering. This year's E3 is another milestone in gaming evolution. Sony and Microsoft unveiled their latest console to the public, I’ve gotta say Microsoft is definitely shaking things up. I was totally surprised to see titles like Metal Gear Solid 5 as an Xbox One exclusive – has Kojima switched sides or does “exclusive” mean exclusive for the first 6 months, we’ll see what happens?

As for Sony, the home of Gundemonium Collection and Suguri, things appeared to be strong with decent amount of attention dedicated to existing PS3 development and the introduction of PS4 titles. However what really got my attention is PS4 and Vita being open to “Indie” developer and publishers. This could mean some nice possibilities in the future for Rockin’ Android titles, but on the other side of the coin, Microsoft has not mentioned any Indie development for Xbox One.

Back to the con, there's usually at least one thing each E3 has that grabs my attention. This year was the huge Titan Fall Mech, a 100 foot plus guardian standing in the middle of the convention hall. It was spectacular to look at and the attention to detail was insane; cuts, scratches, bullet wounds, etc – it reminded me of the mech's in the Pacific Rim movie trailer. I’ll say this, the trailer looked awesome and seeing this mech close up has done it for me, hmm, maybe I’ll be grabbing a Xbox One after all… or get it for PC – Ha!