Thank you for helping out with the Japan relief effort.

Posted: Monday - April 18, 2011

On behalf of Rockin' Android and its staff, I want to thank those of you who have helped in our recent efforts in donating to the Japan relief effort, by purchasing our SUGURI and Crescent Pale Mist titles, of which 50% of the proceeds went directly to the American Red Cross's assistance to the Japan Red Cross.  Thank you all for your generosity!

We're very relieved to know that many of our business colleagues in Japan's doujin gaming community were found safe and sound after 3/11/11, thankfully,  As surreal as it may seem, it's already been one month since the earthquake/tsunami disasters had struck northeastern Japan, however the ripple effects  (loss of lives, missing loved ones, loss of properties, livelihoods destroyed, etc.) that are still felt by those greatly affected.

To this end, Rockin' Android to do what we can on our end, in contributing to the relief efforts and we hope to count on the video gaming community to once again rise up for a noteworthy cause.

In the following weeks, we'll have more details regarding a new Rockin Android project/fundraising endeavor, of which 50% of the proceeds will be earmarked toward the American Red Cross's Japan relief efforts.

Thanks again for reading and keep rockin' fellow gaming androids!  As you've shown, we can all really make a difference!