Flying Red Barrel - Diary of a Little Aviator

Look up to the sky and get blown away with this bold and colorful new aerial fighter from the creators of "SUGURI"!

Take to the dangerous skies and earn your wings by deftly maneuvering your little red barrel airship, while shooting down hostile fighter aircrafts. Big, bold, colorful graphics and rocket missiles aplenty will keep your eyes busy and your fingers glued to the fire button. Shoot away your enemies while swooping in to collect flying coins to advance to the next stage.

Orange_Juice, the creators of the indie game hit "SUGURI" have done it again, with another engagingly fun adventure game with an aerial theme and storyline in the spirit of classic arcade hit "Raiden." Strap on those aviator goggles, put on your flight helmet and take off into the wild blue yonder with "Flying Red Barrel -Diary of a Little Aviator- ."