SUGURI Collection

Ready, ignition, fight! Over-the-top aerial shoot-’em-up meets in-your-face, one-on-one fighting: this is SUGURI Collection! SUGURI Collection includes the original side-scrolling shoot-’em-up, SUGURI, as well as Acceleration of SUGURI X-Edition HD. Originally a PlayStation 3 exclusive, Acceleration of SUGURI X-Edition HD is Rockin’ Android’s enhanced update of the shoot-’em-up/fighter hybrid game. With SUGURI Collection you get both games and their soundtracks.

In the original SUGURI, experience the rush of battle with this fan-acclaimed and unique side-scrolling shoot-’em-up by indie Japanese game developer Orange_Juice. Showcasing unlockable weaponry, fighting-game-like boss battles, and a cool techno/trance soundtrack, SUGURI is a must-have, must-play shoot-’em-up. Lock-on, dash, and fire away!

In Acceleration of SUGURI X-Edition HD (aka AoSXE HD), the "little war" continues at a breakneck pace. AoSXE HD is an enhanced version of the eagerly awaited sequel to SUGURI, and it features completely redone, optional HD graphics by the incredibly talented independent artist, Keiko Sakurai. The frenetic, rapid-fire combat action that fans have come to love in the first game is all here but with a focus on one-on-one shoot-’em-up/fighter hybrid action. Whether you choose to play as SUGURI, Hime, Nanako, or any of the other multiple fighters, you're dealing with weapons of mass destruction! Inflict massive damage and dash to safety. Victory can be yours!

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