Posted: Saturday - November 6, 2010

Crescent Pale Mist blasts it's way on to to the PSN courtesy of Sony Online Entertainment and Rockin' Android.

WHAT: On November 10th, 2010, Sony Online Entertainment and publisher Rockin' Android will release the 2.5D side-scrolling adventure, Crescent Pale Mist on the PlayStation®Network. Crescent Pale Mist will retail for $5.99 on the PlayStation®Network.

FEATURES: In the beautiful and unstable dimension of Gasyukal, a world caught between worlds, you are Yunou - the only magician powerful enough to control the mysterious and volatile magic known as Pale Mist. With Pale Mist seeping from an unknown source to increasingly dangerous levels, it is up to you to put a stop to those responsible for the dreadful and unwieldy magic. Wrought with surprise challenges in a labyrinthine dimension, Crescent Pale Mist is an ethereal journey with exciting magic and teeth-clenching blade-fighting action - a fantasy game you won't soon forget!

WHEN: Crescent Pale Mist will be available November 10th, 2010 for $5.99 on the PlayStation®Network.

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