Diadra Empty in Debut 4 bundle

Posted: Friday - August 30, 2013

Indie Royal: Debut 4 Bundle - 7 great games, 1 low price

Indie Royal: Debut 4 Bundle - 7 great games, 1 low price

The Debut 4 Bundle is out! The latest collection of Indie Royale games is now live. This week’s bundle features six great indie titles ranging from a block mining game via tower defense, adventure & shoot-em-up games to smashing the undead. There's also an extra unannounced bonus game still to come.

Block Story, ASA: A Space Adventure, "Beware Planet Earth!", Diadra Empty, Bollywood Wannabe and Undead Legions are in this week's bundle. All the games are available for Windows via Desura and are in Greenlight seeking your support for a place on Steam. Block Story and "Beware Planet Earth!" are also available for Mac.

At Indie Royale we really want to support Indie Developers and we think that helping them to get popular support on Greenlight is very positive for them. We're going to start this bundle at a lower price - $3.49 - than usual and we'll keep it there for the first 24 hours of the bundle. That's a saving of over 90% to their total price separately. Hopefully you'll buy the games and then support them on Steam Greenlight.

In addition, beat the $7 bonus target and you also get the lyrical fakebit album: Metal Case Mental Case from Vidboy.