Japan needs our help! Red Cross Earthquake Fund

Posted: Saturday - March 26, 2011

Rockin' Android's friends and associates in Japan were blessed with being a safe distance from the earthquakes and tsunami, but many others were killed, injured, and left homeless. Japan needs help and it's only right we do our part.

For this reason, we are holding a fundraising sale. All online PC DVD-ROM sales from March 11th to April 8th will have 50% of the proceeds donated to the Red Cross Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Fund. (This includes sales made within the date range prior to this announcement.)

To encourage sales, the PC DVD-ROMs of both Gundemonium Collection and SUGURI Perfect Edition PC will also be 30% off of their normal price. You can support Japan and have a great piece of its culture sent right to your home in one purchase. If you already have our games or you don't wish to purchase them right now, please consider donating directly to Japan via the links below. The people of Japan have given us so much. Now is the time to give back.


Click here to donate directly to the Red Cross.