Posted: Friday - April 5, 2013

Los Angeles, CA, April 5th 2013 - Rockin’ Android announced today that their high-speed PC shoot-’em-up, cloudphobia, is now available on digital distributors, Amazon, Desura and Gamersgate. In our never-ending quest to expand our distribution, Rockin’ Android is proud to be the first publisher to bring Japanese indie games to digital distribution giant, Amazon. As part of our developer interview series, cloudphobia’s gifted creator, Marsbound, shares his thoughts and inspirations in an interview found here. Those who wish to further support Rockin’ Android’s endeavors are encouraged to cast "Yes" votes on Rockin’ Android’s Steam Greenlight pages to ensure releases on Steam’s digital platform.

cloudphobia [official site] [download pdf]

“cloudphobia is exciting risk and reward wrapped in a heavenly aesthetic. There’s a sense of tension and urgency in cloudphobia that’s not present in most shoot-’em-ups.”, said Adam Milecki, Editor/Media Relations for Rockin’ Android. “Your mission is time sensitive, so you need to boost your mech forward as quickly as possible. At the same time, you’re trying to protect yourself and the mothership behind you. This is a shoot-’em-up that stands apart from the rest, and should you need a break from shooting, you can switch to the Núllpunktur vibroblade sword to change the gameplay dramatically. I can’t wait to get cloudphobia into the hands of our fans.”

About cloudphobia:
Don’t fear the skies. You’re our only hope. cloudphobia is a race against time, boosting through the heavens on a last-ditch mission. Carelessness will not be excused, as avoiding enemies will only lead to the destruction of our mothership. Take control of the laser ignition rifle, “PLG-90” or the vibroblade sword, “Núllpunktur”. Be quick. Be careful. If all else fails, launch a volley of missiles and hope for the best.

About Rockin’ Android, Inc.:
Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, Rockin' Android is a recently formed electronic entertainment publisher specializing in independent Japanese (or “doujin”) videogames and online downloadable games that feature a combination of highly stylized anime visuals and stunning character designs with easy-to-follow interface controls. Rockin' Android launched in 2008 with the PC game release,Suguri Perfect Edition, and has gone on to release titles such as Gundemonium Collection, Crescent Pale Mist, and Bunny Must Die! Chelsea and the 7 Devils. Rockin’ Android has released titles for both PC and PlayStation 3 via PlayStation Network with additional platform support planned. More information can be found at

Additional Contact Info:
Adam Milecki (Editor/Media Relations)