Posted: Tuesday - July 21, 2015

"Above the sky, in a far-away land. I can hear my sisters beliefs."

Los Angeles, CA, July 21st 2015- Rockin’ Android, Inc. announces today the release of their free- roaming, PC shoot-’em-up, Diadra Empty, available on Steam for $5.99 USD, July 21st 2015! Fans have eagerly awaited the release of the Steam version. We’ve added achievements, Steam cards and new wallpapers by artist Yukari Kota to make this the definitive version!

In Diadra Empty players take the role of Nyalra and her faithful dragon Minimi while they battle legions of monsters in a fantastic quest to save Nyalra's missing sister. Highlights include beautiful 2D visuals, huge environments, swarms of enemies, massive bosses, upgradable firepower, and tons of unlockable options. High above the clouds, shoot-'em-up fans will find nirvana in Diadra Empty.

“Developer Frozen Orb did a bang-up job adding their own twist to a well known genre to deliver a crazy fun shooter with tons of replay value. The flexibility of the weapon system can accommodate many play styles. Adjustable level parameters and a rewarding story add incentives to keep blasting away.” said Enrique Galvez, CEO of Rockin’ Android.

About Diadra Empty:

Your sister is missing. On the bright side, you have a flying dragon. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 21, 2015  Diadra Empty is a free-roaming shoot-’em-up on a grand scale. Take the role of Nyalra and her faithful dragon Minimi in a fantastical quest to save her missing sister by battling legions of monsters and menacing bosses. The touching storyline is complemented by the game’s beautiful 2D visuals and particle effects in environments rife with enemies, and swarms of projectiles. Diadra Empty gives you extreme speed and maneuverability, huge environments in which to seize the upper hand, and plenty of firepower and upgrades. You always have options, and the immensely detailed on-screen radar will help you keep track of the chaos. You’ll find what you’re looking for with Diadra Empty.

Available on Steam:
Diadra Empty Available on Steam

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Diadra Empty Official Site

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Diadra Empty Press Release

About Rockin’ Android, Inc.:
Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, Rockin' Android is an electronic entertainment publisher specializing in independent Japanese (or “doujin”) video games that feature a combination of highly stylized anime visuals, stunning character designs, and compelling, retro gameplay. Rockin’ Android has released titles for both PC and PlayStation 3 with PC titles available for download from Steam, Desura, Amazon, Gamersgate, and Rice Digital.

More information can be found at www.rockinandroid.com

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