Posted: Thursday - June 6, 2013

Los Angeles, CA June, 5th 2013 - Rockin’ Android announced today that three of their PC game releases, Flying Red Barrel, Suguri Collection, and Qlione, are coming to indie-centric UK digital distributor, Rice Digital. This is in addition to the other platforms Rockin’ Android games can be found on such as Steam, Desura, Gamersgate, and the PlayStation Store, as Rockin’ Android strives to make their games available to all.

The release dates for Rice Digital are as follows:
Flying Red Barrel - May 16th, 2013
Suguri Collection (Suguri and Acceleration of Suguri X-Edition HD) - May 30th, 2013
Qlione - June 13th, 2013

“In our never ending quest to make all of our games available worldwide, it's great to be a part of UK digital distributor, Rice Digital”, said Enrique Galvez, CEO of Rockin’ Android. "Its an exciting opportunity to expand our fan base. Having our games on Japanese indie-centric distributor, Rice Digital, allows us to continue to bring our games to people who will love our games as much as we do.”

In related news, those who wish to further support Rockin’ Android’s endeavors are encouraged to cast "Yes" votes on Rockin’ Android’s Steam Greenlight pages to ensure releases on Steam’s digital platform.

About Rockin’ Android, Inc.:
Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, Rockin' Android is an electronic entertainment publisher specializing in independent Japanese (or “doujin”) video games that feature a combination of highly stylized anime visuals, stunning character designs, and compelling, retro gameplay. Rockin' Android launched in 2008 with the PC game release titled SUGURI Perfect Edition and has gone on to release titles such as Gundemonium Collection and Bunny Must Die! Rockin’ Android has released titles for both PC and PlayStation 3 with PC titles available for download from Steam, Desura, Amazon, Gamersgate, Playism, and Rice Digital. More information can be found at

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