Rockin' Android at AX 2009

Posted: July 2-5, 2009

Rockin' Android launches SUGURI Perfect Edition - Hosts company panel at Anime Expo 2009

Rockin' Android will debut the official release of SUGURI Perfect Edition at this year's Anime Expo (July 2-5, 2009), held in the Los Angeles Convention Center. Anime Expo is the largest annual anime/manga convention in the U.S. According to company president Enrique Galvez, the Rockin' Android booth will have copies of SUGURI Perfect Edition available to purchase, as well as gaming kiosks that will allow attendees to play and experience firsthand the three game titles in SUGURI Perfect Edition (SUGURI, Acceleration of SUGURI, Acceleration of SUGURI - X-Edition).

Fans of indie videogames from Japan will not want to miss out on the Rockin' Android panel scheduled in the afterhours (July 2nd, 9 pm-9:50pm, Convention Center room LACC 411) of the first day of the convention, as Rockin' Android staff member will be on hand to showcase its upcoming latest titles, as well as giving as attendees an overview of the doujin gaming scene. Additionally, Rockin' Android will hold a random drawing during the panel of give away a copy of SUGURI Perfect Edition.

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